Thinking of Retirement?

Thinking about Retirement?

At Arkansas Best Federal Credit Union, we strive to help turn your financial dreams into reality. We know you’ve been planning for retirement for most of your life, and that is important to us. Please find here the information and resources we have available to help you retire comfortably whenever the time is right for you.

We’ll be updating this page with more resources, so you can check back for more information at a later date.

Q & A

Q: What happens to my account at the credit union when I no longer have direct deposit or payroll deductions funding the account?

A: Your membership is still valuable, both to us and to you, when payroll contributions stop. You’ve spent years establishing a relationship with us, and that is incredibly advantageous to you when you find yourself in need of a loan, a credit card, or a specialty savings account. Many of our members also choose to take advantage of our IRA‘s and Certificates of Deposit after retiring.  You can always have your social security check or pension direct-deposited into your ABFCU checking account, too. Don’t have a checking account at ABFCU? Call 479-649-2060 to get started.

Q: I don’t live in Fort Smith. Why should I keep my account open?

A: We have made every effort to be available to members in all parts of the United States. All of your financial needs can be met over the phone, through U.S. mail or email, or at a shared branch. Not sure where to find the nearest shared branching location? Call us at 479-649-2060 or use our shared branch locator.

Q: I’ve retired from one of your SEGs, but would like to open an account. Am I still eligible?

A: Yes! You are eligible, and your close family members are also eligible once your account is open.

Q: Why should I choose to do my daily banking with a credit union instead of a bank?

A: While banks are for-profit institutions working to please a board of directors or shareholders, credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions owned by their members. That means we can offer lower interest rates on loans and credit cards and higher interest rates on deposit accounts. With a credit union, you also have added benefits such as personalized service, discounted tickets, and fewer fees.