Spread Joy with Skip-A-Pay


If you have a qualifying ABFCU loan, you can choose to skip your November, December, or January loan payment and help out a worthy cause! When you choose to take advantage of Skip-A-Pay, we’ll donate your $15 processing fee equally among the Alzheimer’s Association, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and The CALL in Arkansas.

Skip-A-Pay will be available in Online Banking on November 1.

New and exciting update for 2021 Skip-A-Pay: All members are able to skip their loans within online banking. You’ll only need to fill out a coupon if you are not enrolled in Online Banking!

Want to skip your payment even easier? Register for online banking today!

Coupons must be received by:
October 13 to skip November payment
November 10 to skip December payment
December 15 to skip January payment
(Only one payment can be skipped per qualifying loan.)

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* This is not an automatic Skip-A-Payment. You must contact ABFCU to skip your payments. Interest will continue to accrue on the loan(s) from the date of the last payment, and it will take longer to pay off the loan than if payments weren’t skipped. If you skip a month of payments, your next payment will be due by the due date in the month following your skipped payment(s). To be eligible for the Skip-A-Pay offer, members must be in good standing. Good standing is defined as “A member that is current on their loan(s), has not had a delinquency within the past three months and is not overdrawn in their checking account.”