Did you know you can transfer funds to another member

   Did you know…

You can transfer funds to another member?

Not only can you transfer funds between your accounts with ease, now you can send money to other members.  Need to pay back a buddy for lunch?  Get money to your kids? This is a free service we offer our members that lets you take care of this with just a few simple steps.

To transfer to another member:

  • Log in to ABFCU’S Online Banking
  • Click Funds Transfer
  • Select your “From Account” in the drop down menu
  • Click “To Member”
  • Enter the other person’s Member number, Account (S1, S9, etc), and the  first 3 letters of his or her last name.
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer, and the date on which to transfer
  • You can make notes if you wish but this is not required
  • Click “Transfer” if on your computer,  “Schedule Transfer” if in the app
  • Click “Transfer” again if on your computer, “Submit Transfer” if in the app                 

If you have questions please contact Member Services at
(479) 649-2060