Did you know you can make a Visa payment in Online Banking

   Did you know…

You can make a Visa payment in Online Banking?

ABFCU has made it easier than ever to make your VISA payment.  With just a few simple clicks, your payment is taken care of! This can be done easily either through your computer or our mobile app.

To make a VISA payment in Online Banking :

  • Login to Online Banking
  • Select “Funds Transfer”
  • Select the account which the payment will come from in the drop down menu                         
  • Select “Credit Card” in the “To Account” drop down menu   
  • Enter the dollar amount you wish to pay
  •  Click “Transfer” if on your computer,  “Schedule Transfer” if in the app
  •  Click “Transfer” again if on your computer, “Submit Transfer” if in the app 

If you have any questions please contact Member Services at

(479) 649-2060