Did you know you can check your balance

Did you know…

You can check your balance without logging in?


We are proud to offer Quick Balance on our new mobile app!  With Quick Balance you can view the balances of your accounts and your most recent transactions BEFORE YOU LOG IN! After adding this feature quick balance is the last button on the first page of the mobile app.  And don’t worry, without logging in you can’t perform any transactions on your account so everything is safe and secure.

To install Quick Balance:

  •  Login to the ABFCU Mobile App
  •  Go to “Settings”
  •  Click “Settings”
  •  Click “Quick Balance Settings”
  •  Turn the Display Options to “ON”
  •  Select which accounts you wish to show and the number of transactions
  •  Click “Save Changes”

Quick Balance will now show on the first screen as the last button

*You must register your personal device before you can enable Quick Balance.  To register your device go to Settings, then Settings, then Personal Devices

If you have any questions or need help please contact Member Services at
(479) 649-2060.