Did you know you can calculate a loan payoff in Online Banking?

Did you know…

you can calculate a loan payoff in Online Banking?


Ready to pay off that loan? You can calculate your payoff without ever picking up the phone!

In online banking, click on the loan you wish to pay off. From this loan details page, you’ll see a column on the left side of your screen showing all of your accounts and loans. Hover your cursor over the name of your loan to see a menu of additional options. Select “Calculate Payoff” from the menu.

Calculating your payoff will require you to input a date of payoff. Because interest accrues daily, the date you enter will vary depending on how you wish to pay off your loan. If you plan to wire funds, transfer from another ABFCU account, or visit our lobby/drive thru, a same-day payoff is adequate. If you plan to overnight a check, a next-day payoff amount will serve you well. If you plan to mail a check, you’ll need to account for the time it takes the check to reach us. We typically give a 10-day payoff when members call for this information, which allows for unexpected delays. It’s better to err on the side of a longer payoff than to find you were a few dollars short of paying off your loan, and you can rest assured that any additional funds will be placed in your share savings account!

If you have any questions, please contact Member Services at (479) 649-2060.